Author: Seopostman

Equalization in Online Mastering

Online Mastering is the most efficient way to get your records mastered without needing to buy expensive equipment for your masters. But there are certain techniques that engineers who work on masters that we would like to find out. One of these techniques is the application of equalization applied to records we send for online mastering.

Equalization is making sure that the sounds blend and create a dynamic and unified sound that makes the music more 3D and alive. It is adjusted through a device called equalizer. The equalizer selects certain frequencies in a spectrum of sound recordings and allows the increase or decrease the frequency of each sound. It is an indispensable part of mastering a recording. Equalization is a necessary phase that needs to be applied when an online mastering engineer works on your recording.

There are many types of equalizers that can be used to adjust our musical recordings. The popular ones are hardware attached to our systems that help us adjust the frequency of a song. But with the rise of digital sound being used more, equalizers now come as software programs that help make any adjustment to music which we can play in our computers, mp3 players, and online-streamed audio. These software plugins that serve as equalizers are used by Logic Audio and Pro Tools which we use on our own computer systems. The advantage of this program equalizers is the absence of white noise which is unavoidable in analog hardware equalizers. Digital equalizers are also resistant to wear and depreciation of hardware devices and easily transferred from one computer to another.

On the other hand, analog hardware equalizers help online mastering engineers mix the sounds more easily since it is better in isolating frequencies found in a recording. This makes the music recording more pleasing to listen to. The effect of finesse and warmth of the music is produced when using an analog hardware equalizer. The presence of fullness of the sound as one is distinct. Although with the increasing effort to increase software programs to provide an effect same as the analog type, software such as T-Racks and Vintage EQ have emerged which, when applied skillfully, can sound pretty close to the analog equalizer. (read more here:

The equalizer can be of 2 kinds – parametric and graphic. Parametric equalizers adjust frequencies with the use of knobs. This type of equalizer provides a softer approach in adjusting the frequencies of a song. The graphic equalizer, on the other hand, is a type of equalizer which has a specific slider for each frequency.

The art of mixing music through equalization can be compared to the art of mixing paint from a painter’s perspective. The equalizer is the one that helps proper mixing of sounds. It is often necessary to dull certain colors to let other parts of the painting shine. Much similar to the painting, some sounds need to be softened to brighten a certain sound in the music and create a better sounding piece overall. It is not always a way to go to brighten each sound that is involved in a recording as it may ruin the overall impact it may give the listeners.